My decision to hike the PCT

West Coast Trail

In September 2014, I hiked The West Coast Trail in beautiful British Columbia.  The weather was perfect,  the scenery spectacular, and my fellow hikers were fun and interesting.  I was lulled into the magical notion that I  was some kind of Super Hero Thru Hiker. I then made my decision to hike the PCT in 2016.

I started sharing my plans with family and friends.  “I am going to hike The PCT.   2660 miles, from The Mexico U.S. border to the U.S. Canada border in Manning Park, B.C.”  Even as I was saying this out loud, I was thinking in disbelief, why am I telling people this? ….and why aren’t these people asking me if I’m crazy?

Instead, the first thing they asked me is, “aren’t you scared?”  I would quickly and confidently respond,   “no”…. well that is a big fat lie.  I am terrified.  But not of what you are thinking.   Not of being alone, or getting lost.   Not of wild animals, serial killers, The Boogie Man, or even The Bear from The Revenant.

Some of my caring and concerned friends strongly recommended I  “carry a gun, a rifle, or at least a knife… wait, brass knuckles!”    That would just blow my base weight.  I would have to make some adjustments to my gear list.   Remove tent, sleeping bag, stove…….  I’m fairly certain I will need those items.

Any way, no amount of arsenals will protect me from what I am truly fearful of.

April 9th,  7 weeks away, I will face my fear.

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