Hi, my name is..

Day 21,  21 miles

                 … Moonshadow

My trail friends, Lucky and Skippy gave me my name.  They were cowboy camping at the fountain at the bottom of San Jacinto and could see me hiking down in the moonlight.

The big news for me is I gave my hiker friends, Scott and Sarah, their trail names.  They are now Happy and The Boss.

Today we woke early.  Our tents were soaked with dew.  Happy and The Boss were 1st to leave as usual. Then Miguel and Woodchuck,  and I was last out at 7 am.   It was a long upward climb.  Starting in the valley at around 3000 feet we hiked uphill all day to reach over 8500 feet.  It was like the hill would never end.

There were pretty purple blossoms and cacti which changed to the big pine forests as the day got on.  I love all the different smells, blossoms, sage, pine.  I saw chipmunks, chickadees,  a hawk, and these tiny fluffy grey birds that scurried up and down the trees like mice.

I lost Happy and The Boss again.  Are they ahead of me or behind me?  How does this keep happening?  Tonight I’m camping with a gal named Aqua Marine.  Each day I never know  where I’ll end up and who I’ll meet.

My tent, Happy and The Boss, and Woodchuk

Aqua Marine