Day 1 – Monument

Campo to Lake Morena, 20 miles

 It was an emotional start to the day.  I was a bit teary when we pulled up to the monument at 7am.  I have read about and seen many photos and videos of the start to this journey called the Pacific Crest Trail.  I am really here.  It is really now.

It was tough long 1st day.  Lots of ups and downs.  I have never hiked in the desert before, but it’s unseasonably cool.   It rained last night, and the temperature was quite civilized. The air smelt of sage and desert spring flowers.  The birds were chirping and singing all along the trail.

I have been worrying about Paul.  2 weeks ago we were skiing and Paul had a spectacular yard sale style wipe out.  He did a number on his back and couldn’t walk 2 miles without being in pain. Just before we left he had some physio. With some help from some T3s he was hiking at his usual fast pace.  I am hopeful he will make it all the way to Warner Springs, 110 miles, before he has to fly back to Vancouver.

Oh yes, the great day ended with trail magic.  We were greeted at Lake Morena by Trail Angels who fed us bbq hotdogs, burgers, and chocolate chip cookies.

It’s raining again tonight, but we are cozy and dry in our tent.

22 thoughts on “Day 1 – Monument

  1. Yay, 1st day of this amazing journey. You look great and GQ is cool. I was the thinking of you both today and had a toast to you from my Seymour.


  2. You two look awesome!! What a great start to your adventure. So proud. I’m glad the desert was hospitable. May every footstep get easier. Much love, Cat, Steve, Patches & Vicky.


  3. Wonderful, you are on your way. Looking forward to following you. Hope your crash isn’t bothering you Paul. Glad you are with Sally for the start. Great photo at the monument. Pity we can’t smell and hear the desert on your blog. What great support from the Trail Angels.


  4. Your blog was recommended by Brad (BikeHikeSafari). I followed him on the PCT and now the CDT. I love your photos of east San Diego county. It’s where I grew up and that landscape resonates with me. You take wonderful photos – looking forward to your posts. All the best.


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