It’s cold in this desert

Day 2, 22 miles

April 10th 
There has been a 4 year drought here in S California, so this cool wet weather is a blessing.  Yesterday’s 20 mile waterless stretch is one of several I will have to hike.  We were told to carry a minimum of 7 liters of water, but I carried 4 and Paul 5.  He drank less than one.

It rained all night last night.  We shuffled around with all the other hikers,  we camped with last night, and enjoyed a lively breakfast together.  Paul and I finally set off at 9:15am.  A late start, but we don’t have to rush to avoid the typically hot weather.

The first 6 miles was a gentle trail through desert shrubs and meadows.  We saw the cutest small bunnys scurrying along the trail.
The next 16 miles was a gradual up hill climb.  We looked down into canyons to see meandering streams and lush green oasis.  Not the dry hot desert I was expecting.

We arrived at our intended camp spot,  after 18 miles at 5 pm.  It was damp and sad. We checked app info for the amenities at Mt Laguna,  5 miles up trail.  Store, Cafe, Tavern?! Sold! We popped a few magic beans, peanut M&Ms, and with the promise of a burger and beer, sped up and up into the mist and drizzle.  Paul took off ahead like a horse to the barn.  Thank you Michelle from Village Physio, you’re a star.   Up we climbed.  Way up the  mountain to  6000 ft.  The same elevation as Whistler Roundhouse.   It was already cold all day, now only 2 degrees.

Tomorrow we will hike less miles as my  body needs to adjust to hiking every day, 8 hours a day, for week, after week, month after month.

15 thoughts on “It’s cold in this desert

  1. Love the posts and sharing this with us! Glad Paul is feeling Amy’s horse to the barn spirit and doing so well! Big Hugs!!


  2. What a grand adventure, ,, I believe Nicolas Kristoff, who writes op eds in the NY Times, did this hike with his daughter.
    I am enjoying reading your blog

    Brian from Bowen


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