Cliff walking

Day 3,  18 miles.    Pardon the Imperial speak, but when in Rome…
   Woke to frost.  Packed up our sleeping bags and waited for the Pine House Cafe to  open.  Baked waffle pie and coffee for breakfast.  Yum!  Resupply 3 1/2 days of food from the store.  Then back to the trail.  At over 6000 feet, Mount Laguna is a store, campsite, and  tavern/cafe that is open for the short hiking season only.  Oh, and yes we got our burger and beer.

Today the trail stayed high.  It’s cold up here.  When the sun came through the clouds  a few times, the warmth felt so good.  We edged along the sides of mountain after mountain.  At times the trail was narrow and it dropped to a sheer cliff.  You could see the valley miles below. There were loose rocks and  I had to be careful of my  footing so as not to turn an ankle.  Or worse.

We cooked freeze dryed Thai chicken for dinner. So good. Magic beans for desert.  Cozy in our tent.  Pouring with rain again!!  Tomorrow’s forecast, sun.  Then, dun, dun,dun…desert heat ahead.


8 thoughts on “Cliff walking

  1. Wow…frost!!..hope the sun comes out and warms you up now that you are at elevation. Glad you got that burger and beer! Cool and rainy in vancouver today…good for doing taxes! Take care! Love the photos! Beautiful mountains and cloud formations!……


    1. My iPhone photos don’t capture how magnificent the scenery is. The desert flowers are blooming. I want to stop and take pictures all the time, but I wouldn’t get any where!


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