Desert climb

Day 5, 18 awesome miles

  The trail was was buzzing with life today. Many small lizards,  vibrant blossoms,  cacti, and birds singing.  I’m loving the beauty and diversity of the Southern California mountains.

The day started with a long gentle climb. Zigzagging up the side of an exposed mountain side.   It felt like we were assending all day.  We thought it was great as we prefer up over down.

I know how much water to carry when hiking 20 waterless miles in BC’s climate, but hiking in the hot desert is totally new.  Not knowing how much water to carry, I loaded up with the recommended 7 liters.  I also added to my food in Julian to make the 6 days travel to the next resupply town of Idyllwild.   Sooooo, my pack was the heaviest it’s been!  Turns out I don’t need the recommended amount of liters,  4 was enough.

I would like to come back to this area and spend more time. The town of Julian is quaint.  It is a restored gold rush town, founded in the 1870s.  In the gold rush days, a miner planted apple trees in the mountains and they flourished.  They are famous for their apple pies.  Paul thought  Julian was famous for their fries.  And he says “your apple pie is better”

I have sorted out why some of your comments weren’t getting posted.  Thank-you all for your interest and positive feedback.


Spot the hiker?

Good night from our tent.

10 thoughts on “Desert climb

  1. Wonderful photos of the desert – amazing with just a phone! We are so enjoying your blog and glad that Paul made it.


  2. You know I look forward to reading your blog every day, just happy to see the notification land in my inbox. Your journey like a movie. More photos PLEASE… I can’t spot the hiker. LOVE to you both.


  3. Love the tent photo with you two! Really cute!
    Are there more flowers than usual because of that that rain?


  4. Hi Sally stunning photos of you in the desert. Spotted any snakes? I spotted the hiker’s half way up to the right! Is that the oasis up ahead ( “Oh no it’s a mirage “) hope you giving Paul a lift on your back? All the best on your trail.
    Angus xx
    Nice tan


  5. Yea, someone to follow on the PCT! I got your link from Shepherd’s posts. (Can’t wait to follow him on the CDT.) Any way, I love the pictures and daily descriptions. You’ve had pretty cool weather so far, enjoy, the desert is coming up.


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