110 miles for Paul

Day 6, 15 miles

The wind was wild last night. Even with all our gear inside the tent almost took flight.     The wind kept up all night flapping our tent about, keeping me awake.  At least our tent held up, a few of our fellow hikers did not fair as well.

Filtering water from Barrel Springs


Spot the trail in the distance?


Eagle Rocks

The trail weaved through the mountains, past the 100 mile mark!  Then down to Warner Springs Meadows, past Eagle Rocks, along a stream through a beautiful, gigantic Oak tree forest.

Ending the day at Warner Springs Community Center; transposed into a PCT Resource Center for these few months.  A hub for hikers receiving posts, exiting and entering the trail, with assistance from volunteers.

Paul, me, Frank, and Rob; Rob is supporting his Dad (aka Papa Buff) on the trail and many others in the process. Thanks Rob!


11 thoughts on “110 miles for Paul

  1. Saturday morning,sitting in my chair drinking tea,and planning on which cupboards to clean out before I start tutoring. This is why I so look forward each day to your pics and story.Keep on uplifting my day and living your dream. Debbie xox

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  2. Sally, I’m so proud of you and your pics make me wanna join you (at least for some miles)… Too bad Europe is so far away. Send you a big German hug


      1. Well done Sally. My wife and I will be following your blogs as you progress along.
        Good luck to you and we wish you every success and happiness along the way
        PS. I am a very long standing friend of your father, and we did all the crazy things imaginable. Always swimming whenever we were near water and playing waterpolo for Luton amateurs. We first met at primary school in Luton, so you can tell we have been friends for a very long time.
        Good luck as you progress along the way.


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