San Jacinto Summit

Day 10, 2 miles high


….but that’s not how it started.

Arrived at the post office promptly at 9am.  There was already a long line of locals and hiker trash waiting to pick up or send off supplies or bounce boxes.  When my turn finally came,  they couldn’t find my bounce box.  It was actually a good time waiting around outside the post office for hours.  Locals kept bringing food, pizza, home baked cookies.  Long story short I didn’t get back to the trail till 1:40pm.

Up we hiked through a cool pine forest.  It wasn’t long before we started hiking over patches of snow.  I loved the uphill climb.  Frank, our German friend, and I decided to hike up the backside of San Jacinto so we could summit.  No other hikers came with us. They were either worried about the snow and ice, and one hiker was having high altitude sympoms.  I felt great.  My legs felt strong and I had no problems with my breathing.  We reached the peak at 6pm.  It was incredible.  We could see for miles in all directions. We looked down on mountain ranges for as far as we could see.  It was wonderful. Happy!!

We hiked down the front of the mountain as the sun was setting.  We set up our tents at Junko Flats and I cooked up dinner, chili mac and beef.  Half a Snickers for dessert.

Tomorrow is a scary, waterless, descent from 10,834 ft to sea level.  I am a bit nervous.  I need a lot of water and downhill is challenging for me.  As they say, what goes up, must come down.




20 thoughts on “San Jacinto Summit

  1. so enjoying your blog sally! So envious that you would this, I can barely leave the north shore! You go girl!


  2. Great photo on Mt. San Jacinto. It tells us you are mobile and that your toe is not bothering you. We are all relieved. The yoga group is following you and we were anxious about it.


  3. Sounds like a fun morning and glad you are back to the trail. I am really busy to follow yours and shepard’s blog.


  4. Hi Sally great photos from Mt. San jacinto. Have you not got zip wire in your bag too zip down the mountain! Ha,Ha.


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