Brutal waterless descent

Day 11, 25 miles

Today I hiked from 10,000 feet to 1,900 feet;  from zero degrees to mid 30s.  Hiked for 14 hours and passed the 200 mile mark.  Hiked by moonlight and cowboy camped (no tent).

I saw woodpeckers, squirrels, a vibrant coloured humming bird, a quail, lots of lizards.

My baby toes are white mush and my hips are aching.

It was a challenging and an amazing day.

San Jacinto summit from yesterday



14 thoughts on “Brutal waterless descent

  1. wow, great pictures and what a great adventure. Wishing you all the best and a great journey. We’re having a lot of fun at the office talking about your pct trip. take care and thanks for a wonderful blog. it’s very inspiring.


  2. I remember when my daughter was faced with the same little toe dilemma. She ended up cutting out the sides of her shoes. She would switch out her old shoes for new about every 500 miles, continually increasing the size. She went from a size 8 1/2 to an 11 by the time all was said and done. You WILL live through this!! Good luck.


    1. When I was hiking by the moon light I looked at the moon and said “thank-you Lenore”. I had been alone for hours, I wasn’t afraid. I remember what you said about the moon. It was comforting. 🌙


  3. Humpin at 25 miles a day … you will hit Canada before August 15 2016. Save them little toes, get some bigger shoes in Riverside Calif. Try Big Five sports.


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