Unplanned zero

Day 14


Visited Trail Angel Papa Smurf and Mountain Mama’s house.

Bought thin inserts to replace current ones.  Along with more 2nd skin blister pads and first aid tape.  I’ll be trying thinner socks and hiking less miles per day.

Back on the trail tomorrow,  fingers crossed.

12 thoughts on “Unplanned zero

    1. Also, if you aren’t already, Try taking your shoes and socks off every few hours to dry your feet out and then switch into dry socks. I have 2 pairs and have one hanging on the pack. Then I just switch them out every 2 to 4 hours. (apologies for unsolicited advice 😏). Good luck. Like my daddy always said, (he was a hiker) protect your feet.


  1. Hi Sally, hope your feet are getting better. You could always try and walk bear feet. What is your trail name?
    Good luck!


  2. Just take a little break for your feet. Rest. Over the course of 4 months this is just a blip, a bump in the trail. You will be back at it soon. BTW, your blog is great!


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