Day  15,  24 miles

This morning I got a  lift back to where I left the PCT on Hwy 18, mile 266.   Jipsy Jack and Lucy are helping out other hikers while they both recover from foot and paw injuries.   Thx Jipsey.

I was nervous to try to hike.  I have cut my wire pull laces at the 1st eyelet and re-tied them on the next one up.  I replaced my  thick stiff arch support insoles with very thin insoles with absolutely no arch support. I have high arches, so I am nervous whether this will work or cause worse injuries!  I am trying thin socks that my dear friend Adrienne gave me.

The first mile or so  I gauged each step for pain.  My baby toes were ok!  Only tolerable discomfort in my new heel blisters. My confidence slowly returned.  That is when my mind and body took the wheel and told my feet to get in the back seat cause we’re going for a ride! The miles cruised by.

Almost immediately there were beautiful views of the valley and mountains to the north.  Then the trail led to the other side of the mountains and the views looked south to Big Bear Lake.  There were sections of barren areas where forest fires had occurred.  It was late in the afternoon when I finally reached a stream to get water.  There was a group of hikers I have been leapfrogging with for a week or so.  They invited me to camp with them at a spot 4 miles ahead.  I happily joined them.  We all made dinner, I had instant mashed potatoes and foil-packed salmon, then set up our tents and played cards.  Good night Sarah, Scott, Kara, and Skippy!


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