Rainbow Bridge

Day 16, 20 miles

A few hikers quit the trail completely in Big bear.  They mostly had foot issues, bad knees, one guy had a terrible rash from a highly toxic plant called poodle dog bush.  He is coming back to the trail when he recovers.  His trail name is Poodle Dog.  He will never have to explain it.

On the trail today, I saw a different type of rattlesnake.  He was faster and more aggressive than the first sleepy one I met a week back. I also saw 2 fat quails, a raven, gray dove like birds with white tipped tails and of course, lots of lizards.

The last few miles were a struggle. I was weary.  Kara kept me company and it really helped.  We ended up hiking another 3 miles to a nice spot near the rainbow bridge.


Scott, Skippy, and Sarah
Rainbow bridge


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge

  1. Good to see you are still remarkably racking up the miles. You are being avidly followed by your yoga friends and with concern over your foot problems, yet you still keep going. Love your humour “get in the back seat, you are going for a ride”.


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