Day of rest in Wrightwood

Day 19,  Zero miles

 Not much to tell.  I hung around with a bunch of hiker trash all day.

Hiker trash is an endearing term to describe us thru hikers.  You will see us in small mountain towns.  Gathered, sitting, sometimes laying on the ground, shoes off, in front of post offices or stores.  Packs and gear spread all over.  Sometimes we’re seen wondering around a town in our underwater or wearing rain gear or even garbage bags while laundry is being done.  You can see us in big groups in restaurants laughing and eating unimaginable portions of food.  Actually you will see us eating all day.  We don’t even feel the food make it to our stomachs.  It feels like it gets absorbed immediately into our muscles.

In town today was Flyfish, Man in Black, Legs, Krispy, Pancakes, Last minute, Tiny, Ghost, Jasmine,  Hangman, Wing It, Skippy,  Amemba, Captain, Porn star, Easy, Day tripper, and a bunch of other super cool hikers who’s names I can’t remember.

 Oh yea and I have I trail name.

I’ll tell you tomorrow.   I gotta’ go eat.

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