Lost is a four letter word

Day 23,  miles 30+    22 found,  8-10 lost     Hiked 13 hours

I always say I’m never lost, I’m just exploring.  I love going off trail and bushwhacking.  It’s always an adventure.  Today was a different story.

Happy, The Boss, and I headed out early and together for once.  We had to take a 19 mile detour around a 9 mile endangered species closure.  After 4 miles I stopped to make a cup of coffee.  Happy and The Boss carried on without me.  That’s when things went south for me. lol. I can joke now!

After coffee and oatmeal I set off on my own.  Somehow I missed a sharp turn and ended up on another detour.  Problem was it was going south.  My gps said I was still on the PCT, I went a few miles before I realized.  I angrily turned back.  I came to a sign that said PCT, so I headed up and into a high deep canyon.  Again I went for miles.  I stopped seeing the tell tale signs of pole marks in the ground.  I checked my gps.  I was miles away from the PCT.   I screamed into the canyon and up to the mountains.  I lifted my poles into the air and slammed them down on the earth.  I swore and sobbed as I ran back along the trail.  I hiked/ran back to a mile within where I left Happy and The Boss to find a sharp turn to the left that I had missed.  It was now 12:05.  I had been running around on the wrong trails for 3 1/2 hours.

I got to our intended camp spot around 8:15pm.  It was so beautiful.  It was on top of a mountain.  I sat and ate my dinner, dehydrated shepherds pie and some peanut M & Ms.  I could see city lights far below.  Happy and the Boss were already tucked in.

I passed the 400 mile mark today.

4 thoughts on “Lost is a four letter word

  1. That was good.. Finally getting to the camp spot. . but the PCT is an adventure.. Personal adventure.. One that you can make errors and still have fun. But today’s post says posted on may 2… But it is may 6.. Ah … its an Einstine time lag.


    1. I write drafts everyday. I cannot upload photos or publish when I don’t have cel coverage. Yes, I have made many errors, but I have to just go with what this adventure throws at me.


  2. You should keep a log of the extra miles so at the end you can see how many miles you really walked! Love the pictures. Sorry but I do get a chuckle out of your “adventures”, maybe not funny to you now, but will be someday. I know if I were to ever to have hiked the trail it would be more like the way you are doing it. Just think of all the things you get to see that the other straight forward hikers don’t get to see! Thanks for sharing everything with us.


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