Hiker hunger 

Day 24,  24 miles

Happy and The Boss

At the start of this 5-6 day stretch, my food bag was twice the size and twice the weight of Happy and The Boss’s food bag.  And their supply was for the two of them!  I eat well.  In the morning I have coffee and oatmeal,  on this section I have  peaches and cream.  Yum.  I fill my pockets with snacks for the day.  I have a second breakfast around 9.  I eat that as I’m hiking.  A couple of nut and granola bars.  I snack on cheese sticks, nuts, pepperoni all day without stopping and sitting down.  Dinner, oh I love a hot dinner!  Chicken Alfredo,  shepherds pie, spaghetti,  Thai chicken,  chili mac with beef.  It says 2 1/2 servings on the packet…?   I manage.  M & Ms for dessert.   I am not having any food cravings cause I’m eating too much on the trail.

Today was another detour!!  This time it was around poodle dog bush.  We had to walk up a paved road for miles before getting back onto the PCT.  There was still poodle dog bush everywhere, and we had to dance around it on the trail.  It grows where there have been forest fires.  It is highly toxic to human skin and lungs.  I can smell it even before I see it.  It has pungent, bitter, skunky  smell.

Poodle Dog Bush

Happy and The Boss

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