Agua Dulce, Hiker Haven

Day 25,   18 miles

No Loitering Hiker Trash Lone Star, Legs, Captain, The Boss, Happy, Snow, Rockie

Woke at 5:45.  Up, packed, first one on the trail at 6:15!  It’s town day.  Unlike the rest of the hikers I am not motivated by town food, hamburgers, pizza, etc.  After all I am practically carrying a dehydrated restaurant on my back.  If only they could invent dehydrated chilled beer I’d be set!   My motivation is I can’t wait to shower and do laundry.  I reek.

Being 1st on the trail for once,  I saw lots of bird and animal footprints. 8 miles to Acton KOA campground.  Bought V8, milk, juice in camp store.  Laundry, shower, wore a garbage bag, showered two more times.  Back to store, ate Creamsicle ice cream bar.  It said it had vitamin C so I thought I needed it.  Had a Haagen Dazs coffee crunch ice cream bar for dessert.

Back on the trail at 12:15.  10 miles to Agua Dulce.  Beautiful hike up into the hot mountains, then through Vasquez Rocks.  Crickets, butterflies, lizards scuttled around my feet as I hiked my fastest 10 miles ever.


2 thoughts on “Agua Dulce, Hiker Haven

    1. That would be nice. Actually the trail is for hikers and equestrians only. I have yet to see any horses on the trail, but I’ve stepped over evidence that they’ve been there.


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