Heading out on my own

Day 26,  12 miles

hiker haven desert garden
Spent the day resupplying and organizing  gear for the next 6 day leg from Agua Dulce to Tehatchapi.  It is hard to leave Hiker Haven.   Such a great vib and energy there.  It was great to see and catch up with so many hikers I’ve met along the trail.  But I must keep moving.  Headed out alone at 3 pm.  The trail stayed flat through the desert for a mile or two then started to climb back into the mountains.  I love it.  So peaceful and all alone. I’m usually hiking by myself.  I always end up camping near other hikers though.  Tonight I am camping on my own.   It just happened that way.  Happy and Boss are waiting for a mailed package that didn’t arrive.  Seems this happens a lot.   They will catch up in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Heading out on my own

  1. Lovely photos. Donna and Jeff do a great service for hikers and genuinely like it. We were really impressed by them. I have to say, you are kind of inspiring me to do a solo hike of the JMT this summer. I’ve hiked it two times already, but always with my hubby. I’ve never actually backpacked alone and would like to give it a go.


    1. Wow! Good for you. If you go when the pcters are coming through it will be great for you. That’s how I did my 1st solo hike. Last summer, I spent a week in Goat Rocks, Washington. That way there are lots of hikers on the trail and it was exciting to meet hikers who had come all the way from the Mexican border. It gave me the confidence to take this on. Good luck to you. Keep me posted.


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