Day 28,  14.5 miles

I made my breakfast while still in my tent and wrapped in my sleeping bag.  I did not want to come out.  My tent was wet and my sleeping bag damp, but it was even colder and wetter on the trail.

After only 10 minutes of hiking I was soaked from my thighs down.  The long grass edging the trail was wet with dew and rain.  My feet sloshed around in my socks and shoes.  I thought, I can do this for the 14.5 miles to the warm dry valley.  I  just have to keep going.  All this moisture is a blessing for SoCal as the state has been enduring a drought for several years.

It started to rain.  A very cold wind swirled around me.  My merino wool tights were so wet that the weight of them kept pulling them down.  I got colder and colder.  My hands were frozen stiff, curled around my poles.  I tried to open my pack for more clothes, but my fingers wouldn’t work.  I kept going, I was dizzy and shivering.  I was scared.  I thought, keep going, get to the valley.  It took hours.  It was still cold and windy in the valley!

I finally made it to a place in the middle of no-where called Hiker Town.   I opened the gate, walked up to a group of people and said, “I’m so cold.”  I started to cry.  How embarrassing.  I have been through a lot of challenges so far, why am I so weak now?  A kind man named Bob whisked me into a broken down trailer.  There were three other hikers just packing up getting ready to get back on the trail.  Again I was embarrassed that I was crying.  There was no heat, but I started to warm up immediately as I was out of that frigid wind.

I took off my wet clothes and curled up on an armchair with my sleeping bag over me.  I fell asleep.

More hikers came down out of the mountains, they too had a difficult time.  The couple who have come to share the trailer with me, stopped on the trail and set up their tent to warm up in their sleeping bags, then carried on once they warmed up a bit.

I’ll take a pass on Bear Campground

Tomorrow is a new day and after a good night’s sleep I’ll be ready!  Let’s go hiking!

12 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. Chin up Sally, you are doing fine. What great people you are meeting, helpers like Bob and fellow hikers. Your second photo of day 28 is amazing. (all the various shades of the shrubs covering the hills) I think you must be lucky to see it like that. Like your name “Moon Shadow” but “Russian Ketchup” is hard to beat.


    1. I am continually impressed by the kindness and generosity of the people of California. Seems pct hikers are treated like rock stars!
      There are so many beautiful flowers and views. I want to stop all the time to take photos. The pics don’t fully capture how incredible this long hike is. Yes, the trail names are fun.


  2. Wet cold feet?… Best to get some plastic bags like bread loaf bags. But home depot or Target or any others should work. Put your feet with your warm dry socks on and then put em into the bags. Stuff the top of the bags under your gators. … Hike .. Your feet will stay dry and warm. Cold fingers? This trick should work for the hands and fingers too. Maybe even double bag your hands. Same deal for wet hair.. Put the bag over the hat and tie the bag under your chiny chin chin.


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