Hiker Town

Day 29,  0 miles

I waited an extra day for my hiker family to catch up.  Things got a bit silly.  It was a fun day.

Legs, Captain, Happy, and Boss arrived and we will all be heading out together at 6 am. Let’s go hiking!

Legs and Oakley

8 thoughts on “Hiker Town

  1. Sally you are doing awesome… You are going to have to publish a book on your adventure. Keep save and in good health.
    Colleen ( your Dad’s yoga group)


      1. love your blog and my son is following you to as he hopes to do that trail one day..you are a super woman..hope you write a book one day …proud to know you and your courage..Yvette from the yoga group and the polar bear seim….yvette


  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures. It’s nice that you are hiking with my kids Happy and Boss. Enjoy every minute


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