Power to the people

Day 30,   27.5 miles

I was woken at 4am.  Cups and Anke, sharing the trailer, were packing up to leave Hiker Town.  There was a big troop of us heading out this morning.  Captain, Legs, Kibbles and Bits, Napolean, Goliath, Day Tripper, Trip, Bonfire, Mobley, Walking Home, Sprout, Wahoo, and Stopwatch.  Some left around 3am, some 4am, and so on.  The sun was just coming up when I hit the trail with Anke, Happy and Boss.

It was a beautiful morning as we made our way across the valley.  We followed the aqueduct that feeds water to thirsty Los Angeles.  After 16 miles we started passing hundreds of wind turbines.  These wind farms generate energy for not only California, but for other states like Montana.

The wind almost blew us over as we made our way back up into to the mountains.  Big gusts would hit us and we would stumble in unison.  As the day turned to evening the troop started splitting up.  Bonfire and Trip made camp first on an exposed windy ridge. Another group found tent sites in a somewhat protected gully.  The rest of us hiked another hour and half to a canyon that was out of the wind.

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