Sounds, scents, and sights of SoCal

Day 31,  21 miles

Last night I was startled awake from distant screams coming from way up in the surrounding mountains.  I sat bolt upright.  I pulled off my fleece hat and down hoodie, sat still, and listened.  A woman.  She is in pain.  She is scared.  What is she doing up in the mountains in the middle of the night?  It’s not human.  It’s a layered echoing wail, so foreign.  Is it an alien?  The sounds soon fade.  Was I imagining it?  I am glad not to be camping alone tonight.  I go back to sleep.

In the morning I ask, did anyone hear the screams coming from the mountains? What the ….was  that!?  Happy heard it too.  Hiker, Cups, filled us in.  It was a mountain lion! Cool!

Hiker, Goliath passing me at 6 am

Some days I want to stop and take pictures all day.  Today was one of those days.  I love the desert flowers that are all in bloom. Purples, pinks, yellow and white.  The smell of the desert is wonderful.  As I hike, I grab sage and rub it between my fingers.  That’s my favorite smell.

4 thoughts on “Sounds, scents, and sights of SoCal

  1. Hi Sally,stunning photos of the desert trail. The weather’s looking great up in the mountain. Hope the mountain lion keeps her distance!
    Though a selfy would be good picture! Cool!


  2. Hope you are doing ok on your 140 mile difficult stretch. You haven’t yet revealed your plan. Good luck and hope you are still with friends.


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