Day 32 and 33,   0 miles

Spent a couple days in Tehachapi taking care of some house keeping – laundry, food re-supply, new shoes (trying 3rd pair now).  I have a plan for the last stretch of desert known for not having much water, roughly mile 560 to mile 700.

Back on the trail this afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Tehachapi 

  1. Hey Sally,
    Mary, Cathy, Duane and I are thinking of you. You’re amazing! Keep up the good hiking. xo


  2. Tell us the issues with the different trailshoes.. Why are the shoes not working? The first pair got you over a hundred miles.. Did the issues with them little toes start way before idylwild? 2nd pair what can you tell us.. I remember the 2nd pair are men size and bigger (?). But they don’t work.


    1. I trained for this hike, in cool Vancouver, in gortex Solomons. Great shoe. They have always worked for me on long hikes like the West Coast trail. So I stared with them. I have never hiked on the hot desert ground. My feet actually boiled in my own sweat. Serious blisters. They were swollen when I bought men’s 81/2 Altra. They lasted 200 miles then my feet started swimming in them. Now I’m in Altra Lone pine women’s 8 1/2. Yea. Success. 👍


  3. Hi Sally, you are crishing the trail. I finally caught up with your blog. Not long now and you’ll be in the snow of the sierras. I’m heading into the snow now. Take care Nd stay safe.


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