Kennedy Meadows

Day 40 and 41,   Zero miles May  18-19

Kennedy Meadows is a small community of 20 to 200 people.  Every year they have thousands of hikers coming through during a 10 week window.   There is no cell service and very poor wifi at the only restaurant, Grumpys.  And he is grumpy if you use his wifi and don’t buy food.

All my resupplies were here when I arrived.  Because my feet were swollen and I was wearing men’s shoes I had Paul send medium size micro spikes for the snow in the Sierras.  My bad, I bought new smaller shoes after my resupply was already sent.  I gave Happy my medium micro spikes and we are waiting for Tugboat and Happys’ order which will have a small pair of micro spikes for me.  So, we are here longer than we wanted.  That’s ok.  It’s a beautiful spot.  There is camping for all us hikers behind the store.  There is laundry, one machine going all day, and two outdoor showers.  The store/post office/grill is run efficiently by Scott and his employees.  The generator goes on at 7 am.  Scott puts on an all you can eat pancake breakfast from 7-9.  Then he opens the store.  He sorts the seemingly thousands of resupply boxes that arrive daily while running the store.  He is still working well after 7 pm.

It’s getting busy here and I can’t wait to get back on the trail.  I want to keep the momentum going.

smiling Twopie

2 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows

  1. Sally I found your blog through my friend Kathy Mann, who is Happy’s Mom. Love reading about your experiences and your photos are spectacular! Please stay safe!
    Lynne Good


  2. You are amazing and an inspiration to the many young people we have shared your travels with. I am a friend of your dad’s…yoga.


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