Song Bird 

Day 43,   22 miles   May 21

There were other hikers tenting with us.  G4, Nightcap, Surplus, and Google.  Happy and Tugboat were up and gone first.   I was the last to pack up, and be on the trail at 6:40.

The morning’s hike was through another burn.  I noticed the cacti and sage I won’t be seeing again for a week or so.  The burn opened up to a large green meadow which the trail followed for many miles. The Kern river weaved and gently snaked its way through the valley.

The afternoon was a climb up 3000 feet to our tent site at 9,700 feet.  I was the first to arrive.   I always enjoy an uphill climb and the elevation doesn’t seem to affect me.   For the next 180 miles we will be staying between 9000 to 13,000 feet.

It was a lovely hike and sunny day. Cold wind.  I finally got a photo of a bird.  It was singing on a tree right by the trail.

Tonight we are camped at Death Canyon Creek.  Our party has grown and there is about 13 tents up.  Brave Hamster, Sketch, Quite Nice, C not C, Cupa’Joe and others.

Paul sent a present to me at Kennedy Meadows. They are colourful and groovy shoe and sock protectors that keep the dirt, rocks, and snow out.  They are called Dirty Girl Gaiters.  I love them!

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