Up into the snow

Day  44,    22.5 miles   May 22

I had the best lunch break today.  It was beside a babbling spring.  There were birds chirping and singing.  I spread out my tent that was still frozen to let it dry in the sun. Nightcap, Moaglee, and Goliath were warming up in the sun too.  It had been a cold night for all.  We talked about how our sleeping bags just weren’t warm enough.  Mine is a 10F bag, theirs are only 20F and 30F.   Brrrrr.

One of the hikers left in the middle of the night.  A fellow hiker went with her.  She had nausea and a bad headache during the day.  Most likely altitude sickness.

Tonight we are camped at 11,370 feet beside a pretty stream.  We have this spot to ourselves.  It is peaceful.   It was a long day of hiking through snow patches alternating with sandy trail.  Happy, Tugboat and I are so tired.   We didn’t quite make it to our intended tent site at mile 755, but settled for mile 753.

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