Night alone in the Sierras

Day 45,    21.5 miles   May 23

Today I saw several marmots, lots of chickadees and the cutest little chipmunks.  They are so comical as they run along with their tails in the air, kicking the earth out behind them with their tiny paws.

The views today were incredible.  Everywhere I looked there were snow capped mountains.   There were several river crossings today.  The first few I took my shoes off. The last one was thigh deep and rapid.  I just charged through with my shoes on.  The rest of the day was sloshing through snow.  My feet and shoes were soaked.

Happy and Tugboat must have quit early today,  as it was tough going through the snow.  So, I am camped alone by a river.  I had found a perfect site for my tent, but there was a large pile of fresh bear ….. on it.  Taken.  So I pitched my tent about 100 feet away and put my bear canister near the bear scat.   I was sure I would be afraid to sleep, but I managed.  I woke every once in a while and clanged my pot and spoon just in case.  In the morning the bear canister was unmoved, so no bear visit in the night.

Tomorrow is Forrester Pass at 13,200 feet.  It is the highest point in the PCT.  Today I met a mother and daughter from Switzerland who are heading back to Kennedy Meadows.  They said it was too dangerous.  I will wait for other hikers to go over the pass with.  If there is too much snow and it is too risky, I will have to head back too.

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