Burney Falls

Day 55 and 56,    Zero miles

Well.  I did walk the mile down to the beach on the lake,  and back,  in the morning.  That counts as miles.  Right?

Got a ride into the town of Burney to do errands.  Town days are a necessary evil.  I look forward to showering, laundry, and an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich.  Then I can’t wait to get back on the trail.

Tonight we had a family feast.  Happy made a big fire.  He is a professional.  The kids made dinner. Strawberries, raspberries,  burgers,  fire roasted garlic and onion,  garlic bread and double chocolate cookies.  All I had to do was show up.  Instagator and Expeditor, a retired couple who are hiking and driving the pct,  brought over wine and joined us.  They have a fabulous new VW Westfalia camper that we are drooling over.

The last few days were a heat wave.  36 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow is a new day.  There is talk over the fire, of road walking/driving/skipping the next snowy section.  It’s not for another 100 miles, so we’ll see.    I love the snow.  I’ll be hiking it.

Burney Falls

4 thoughts on “Burney Falls

  1. Hi Sally, are you enjoying your dinner. (“Bon appetite”) have you tried some fishing in the lake? Your doing great. Super photos….


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