Hazy Day

Day 57,     28 miles

The trail was tame today.  A walk in the woods.   So, I just kept walking.  Soft soil and pine needles were easy on my feet.  Most of the day was in a forest.  Tall trees,  bright green ferns,  different plants that looked similar to Salal, Huckleberry, and Azaleas.  Only the warm, dry air and the lizards running along the trail remind me I’m still in California and not back home in British Columbia.

Hours and hours went by.  Everything started to look the same.  I’m certain I stepped over that very branch miles ago.  Huh.  There’s that fallen log again.  And why am I going around this bend again?

There was also miles of over grown brush where the trail disappeared.  I pushed my way through the damp branches and leaves, cooling myself from head to toe.  There was a landslide section and the trail had been cut into the dirt and rock.

The sky was overcast.  There were glimpses of snowy Mount Shasta and the surrounding mountains, but everything was in a haze.  It was kinda spooky.

This morning, Mary, a kind trail Angel, brought us back to the trail head at Burney Falls.  It was 7 am when we set off.  The plan was to camp in 24 miles.   I got there around 5 pm, ahead of Tugboat and Happy.  It was windy and there was no water.  So I continued on 4 more miles to Moosehead Creek where I am camped alone.

I hadn’t seen any hikers since I was with Happy and Tug this morning.  The trail is so different without all the other hikers close by.  I feel very alone.  I lit a fire.  The smoke got rid of the relentless mosquitoes and flies.  It was comforting.  It would also discourage any curious bears in the neighbourhood.

I awoke in the night soaked with sweat.  It’s so muggy.  Thunder and lightning.  I counted the seconds in between.  Fifteen.  Then again, eight.  Then the lightning and booming faded, as did my thoughts of being alone, and I fell back to sleep.

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