Chasing dirt

Day 61,   7 miles

Paul dropped Sweet and me off at the trail head around 4pm (Yes, my Paul!).

We are heading south now, from Chester, to hike 530 miles of Central California, and yay, the rest of the Sierras.

It is  Sweet’s 22nd birthday!  Same age as Cody and Paul’s daughter Nicole.  When we stopped for the night, I gave her a Love’s orange rind and dark chocolate bar.  We cowboy camped at 6000 feet.  No snow so far.

I was a bit cold as I have switched to my lightweight summer bag and lightweight down jacket.  I will suffer it out for a few weeks as it will be getting warmer.  The days are getting longer too.   Yippee!!  I really enjoy hiking late into the evening.  The light is so beautiful, it’s cool and peaceful.

June 8-10 I took non trail days.   Paul flew down so we could have a visit.  We had a great time together.   I really needed it and now I’m ready to get back out there.


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