Bucks Creek to Alder Spring

Day 64,    32.5  miles

Feather River

Ok. That’s it.  No more 30+ mile days.

That was tough.  Lots of down and up.  In the downhill switchbacks,  my left knee started to hurt.   I looked down at it.  It was swollen and bruised.  I knew it was dumb to jog last night!  I was in pain for the last 7 miles.  It was a long 7 miles.  We’ll see what happens with that.  Sweet was in pain all day too.  Her shoes are totally worn out.  She was due for new ones hundreds of miles back.  The pair she is wearing she found in a hiker box (used) and she’s got another 600+ miles out of them.  She says they’re magical.  They just keep on giving.

I haven’t slept well in the last 3 nights.  I’ve been cold and uncomfortable, adjusting to my light weight sleeping system.  Tonight I have all my layers on including two pairs of socks.  I used my raincoat as an extra cover on top of my lightweight sleeping bag and emergency bivi.  I am warm and cozy eating my dinner in bed.  Beef stroganoff.   Sooo good.  Sweet has an airplane size bottle of Fireball (cinnamon whisky), she got for her birthday.  She let me have the first swig.  I am going to sleep well tonight.  I can just feel it.  Note to self – add a wee bottle of whisky or brandy to my next resupply.

4 thoughts on “Bucks Creek to Alder Spring

  1. Sally,
    I came across your blog & I’m loving it! I’m in my 50’s too and you’re really making me want to go for it! Such an inspiration. I think this is the most beautiful place so far. Can’t wait to read on. Thank you!


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