Knee brace

Day 65,   18 miles

I had a great sleep and woke to no knee pain.  But within a mile of hiking the pain returned.  I  have 40 miles to get to the next resupply town.  I barely have enough food to last 2 days, so hiking less miles is not an option.  I have anti-inflammatory meds, so I’ve taken those.  I need a brace,  support.  I took my sports bra off and cinched it around my knee.  Much better.  I still walk gimpy and slow going downhill.  I’m able to motor on the flats and uphill.  After two hours I checked my miles and I’m still hiking three miles per hour.

I found costume sun glasses in a pct registration box to add to my kooky knee brace look. Another hiker took my photo.

There is an icy wind today.   I was getting blown about by the wind on an exposed mountain top at 7500 ft.   There were dark clouds too.  I used to like the wind.  Since this hike, wind now makes me nervous.  If an emergency situation arose I can’t get my tent up or start a fire.  If it starts to rain or snow with this wind, I will be in trouble.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the safety and shelter of the forest below.  A few rays of sun were breaking through the clouds and trees.

Later the trail went back up to over 7000 ft.  There were more steep traverses of snow. It started to snow and I could see a storm blowing in.  I kept going and got over the mountain.   It is so cold.   I don’t know where Sweet is so I’m setting up camp earlier than planned, at a lower elevation.  Our intended site was in 7 miles from here,  up another mountain.

I’m in my tent.  No other hikers have come by and I haven’t seen anyone since I last saw Sweet this afternoon.  It’s snowing outside.  I made myself a hot water bottle and I am in all my clothes to keep warm and cozy.  I had dehydrated vegan Thai fusion for dinner.  I may have enjoyed it if I was a very hungry vegan.

Tomorrow is a 21 mile hike + 1 1/2 mile road walk to a small town called Sierra City.  I hope the weather is better in the morning so I can get there.   I have hardly any food left.

6 thoughts on “Knee brace

  1. Sally you are amazing. Anyone who can repurpose a sports bra for a knee brace, rock the “Lord’s lettuce” sunglasses and dine on vegan rations while shivering all alone in a tent is very special. The fact that your smile seems to get bigger and bigger only proves it.

    Think of you every day.

    xx t


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