Spectacular views

Day 66,   22.5 miles


I woke at 5:50 and got out of my tent to check conditions.  I could see through a gap in the trees to the ridge and mountain, a mile or two away, where I hiked down yesterday afternoon.  Wow.  It looked stormy.  The wind was blowing snow sideways.  I’m sure Sweet found shelter too, and I will see her later today.  I made my cooked breakfast, packed up and was hiking by 6:20.

The trees are frosted white.  So pretty.  But the cold wind this morning is making  me very nervous.  What if it starts snowing or raining with this wind?  It would be a serious situation.  As I hiked,  I formulated a plan in my head.   If this were to happen I would tie my tent fly to a tree and peg it down as best as possible.  Get under it for shelter, get into my down bag and emergency bivi.  Start my stove, boil water, and make a hot water bottle.  Eat.  Ride it out.

After a few hours, the wind started to die down and I felt calm.  It even started to brighten up in the afternoon.  The views of lakes and peaks were so gorgeous.  I stopped many times, sat, and enjoyed.

Yesterday and today I left the trail several times.  In the trees and snow, the trail disappears.  I keep doing this.  It takes me 20 minutes or so, but I always find my way back with my gps.  Unfortunately when this happened today,  I missed seeing our friend, Frank (Flyfish).  He is northbound with Man in Black.  I also found out later that when I was “lost” yesterday, Sweets passed me and was camped 5 miles ahead.  She thought I was ahead of her and I thought she was behind me.  From now on, I am going to really try and not get “lost” anymore.  Sweet agrees that we should try and stay together, especially now.  The next section from Sierra City to Soda Springs is only 42 miles, but it is snowed in with steep traverses.

Staying on the trail can be tricky


Monty and Nibs made it through the Sierras, and continue heading north

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