Lovely mountain town

Day 67,     11.5 miles


We resupply in the town of Sierra City.  It’s another quaint Californian mountain town, so it’s easy to dawdle.  There were burgers, curly fries, and milkshakes made with real fruit.  Fantasy food for thru hikers.   It’s a challenge to pull Sweet away.  There is no cell service here, but there is wifi to keep connected with friends and family back in the real world.

At 4 pm we road walk the 1 1/2 miles  to the trailhead.  The first four miles meander through the forest, over bridges with full rivers below.  Then came the uphill switchbacks.   Sweet takes off like a  race horse  freshly re-shod (she loves her new shoes).   I got quite the workout trying to keep up to her.  We arrive at 7:30 and set up camp at Bear Valley Spring.

img_2852 img_2858


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