Bear Valley Spring to Peter Grubb hut

Day 68,   25 miles    Tahoe National Forest

It rained all night, Vancouver style.  I could hear the wind howling in the surrounding mountains, but my tent was still.  Our camp spot was sheltered in Bear Valley.

In the morning we packed up our drenched tents.  Sweet’s down sleeping bag was wet too.  It was a stormy as we set out.  My feet got soaking wet immediately and would remain that way for the rest of the day.

Sweet and I sang for the sun to come out.  Sunshine on My Shoulders and Here Comes the Sun.

We saw young deer, a quail, and a hawk.

The afternoon got tough.  Sloshy, slippery, snow and route finding.  One of my pole straps broke today.  I didn’t realize how much I use them.  When I drink, eat, or use my gps I drag my poles, as I hike.  I just let go and the straps stay on my wrists.  At one point when I brought out my phone to route find in the snow, I automatically let my poles go.  I didn’t realize I left one pole behind.  I had to hike back 15 minutes to find it in the challenging snow conditions.

We had something to look forward to at the end of the day.  We were excited and motivated.  The Peter Grubb hut is a one of a kind on the PCT.  It is a Backcountry Ski hut.  The club who runs it opens it to pct hikers in the Spring.  What a luxury!  Wood burning fireplace!  Shelter!  We hung out tents,  wet clothes, socks and shoes.  Up the ladder to a warm loft to sleep.  It was a great evening.

Peter Grubb Hut



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