Summer Solstice 

Day  71,    11 miles

+5-6 miles wondering around South Lake Tahoe

Camping at Gilmore Lake with us, was a father and his two grown sons just finishing a three day hike.  Gerry, Colin, and Patrick.   Oh, and Colin’s dog Whirly Bird.  She was embarrassed cause she had to be carried on Colin’s shoulders over the sharp rocks.  Sore paws.  I can so relate.  I hiked the 11 miles to echo Lake with them.  I really enjoyed their company.

It was slow going.  Sharp rocks, snow, and puddles.  We had to watch our footing.  It was hot and tiring.  We passed more alpine lakes.  What a beautiful area.  The lakes looked inviting for a swim, even with the icebergs.  So many day hikers, and section hikers with huge packs.

Kind Gerry and his sons gave me a lift into South Lake Tahoe.  After that I wondered around in the heat getting errands done.

June 21, Summer Solstice.  I usually hike up Hollyburn Mountain with my Dad today.  We gather all our game hiking friends to enjoy the longest evening of the year, toasting and laughing on our backyard mountain peak.  Everyone brings wine and treats to share.  It’s a good time.  I’m thinking of you.  Cheers to all.

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