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Day 72,    Zero

I found a great cafe in South Lake Tahoe.  The wifi works great.  Spent the day uploading photos and editing drafts.  Phew!

Oh,  and check out my new shoes.  No tread,  ripped, ones on the left.  New, speedy, shiny, ones on the right.  Now I’ll be able to keep up with uber fast Sweet Virginia!

….but wait.  There’s more.  I had a wonderful time with two new interesting friends I met at the Keys Cafe.  Mariah,  a clever girl, is exploring the US,  traveling around in her van.  Scott, teacher of budism, yoga, acupuncture, and Thai-Chi at the local college (so cool).  Scott took us to a lovely lake the locals hang out at called Fallen Leaf.  It was an unexpected way to end my day.  I had a relaxing evening enjoying their company.

……AND…later that night,  I got to have a face time call with all my Wednesday night hiking peeps from back home!  Yay!  My Paul, Paul Pak, Amy, Michelle, Angela, Craig, and Adrienne.  We all toasted each other with a cold beer.  Great day!!

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