Continuing southbound

Day 73,      19 miles         Eldorado National Forest

I met Sweet at the Echo Lake trail head around noon.  We both had a great time on our day off the trail.  She went to Sierra Camp to visit friends and I went to South Lake Tahoe.  We are still heading southbound and I’m excited about getting to see the rest of the Sierras.  Lots more northbound hikers now.

It’s getting busy on the trail.  Stories of the Sierras are better.   The rivers are not as high and there will be dirty footprints in the snow to follow.  There will be less time taken for route finding and we won’t have to bring out our gps as often.

It was getting late and once again we were high up on an exposed, windy ridge.  As dusk fell we found the trail leading us down off the ridge to a sheltered area.  Tonight we are camped in a sandy tent site with big boulders.  Snow patches around us, a stream, and rock cliffs to protect us from the wind.  It’s a pretty spot.

4 thoughts on “Continuing southbound

    1. Michelley!! Beach Babe! I got your email. I’m still alive and not lost (well not today anyway) Don’t worry about me. Remember there is no wifi or cel service in the mountains!


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