Day 82,      14.5 miles

Today’s itinerary:   Hike 13 miles to access trail;  Take 1.5 mile access trail to Vermillion Valley Resort ferry;  Take ferry (floating tin can with motor) to VVR;  Buy fuel and more snacks;  Get back to trail;  Hike at least 10 more miles.

It didn’t happen.

I slept till 7.  I’m soooo tired still.  My elbow is stiff, but ok!  and my shins hurt a bit, but hey… lets go hiking!  It’s so gorgeous here.

At 2 pm I got to where the “ferry” picks up hikers from the end of Lake Edison (at 7,700 feet) and brings them into VVR.  It was a long wait.  Maybe it’s best if I stay at VVR for the night?  I am so weak.  I don’t know why.  I don’t seem to have much muscle anymore.  Skin.  Bone.  Weak.  Peeing a lot, a lot…thirsty.  Need something…. What?  I feel off.  Where is my energy?

There is free camping for PCTers.   There is also a yurt/tent dormitory containing 6 cots with mattresses.  I have it to myself.  Comfortable mattress.  Ahhhh

Eat.  Nap.  Eat.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “VVR

  1. Beautiful posting. Take good care and rest. In one of your posts, tell me how you navigate, and how you keep your electronics charged up. Thanks.


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