Taking it slower

Day 83,    19 miles

I sat with Pocahontas and Fengsui at dinner last night and again for breakfast this morning.  They are both so hungry they are taking other patrons’ left overs.  Ok, so I’m not that hungry.

I think I have the beginning of a UT infection.  My wise doctor prescribed antibiotics in case this situation arose.  So I have started on them.

There was a line up of hikers to be ferried back to the end of the lake.  I didn’t get back to the trail till 10:30, a late start.  That’s cool, cause I’m going to hike less and eat more today anyway.

After the mile and half access trail it was 4 miles up of switchbacks.  8,000 to 10,000 feet.  I got my usual uphill stride going and I felt comfortable.  Then the trail went through the forest, down into a valley, shoes off to wade through big rivers,  then up, up, into the alpine.  Beautiful jagged peaks and passes.  I stopped at Marie Lake around 4 pm and went for a swim!  Then over Selden Pass at 10,913 feet.   Then down the other side past more lakes, into the forest and now camped by Senger Creek.

A deer has camped by the creek also.

Good night

8 thoughts on “Taking it slower

  1. Love the shot of you swimming Sally. So free! Very classy that you’re not willing to clear the leftovers!

    I was a little concerned when you were talking about your symptoms, so I’m glad you’ve got some antibiotics. More eating + less hiking sounds good for a few days. You’re in for the long haul right?

    Amazing photos as always…sending you love and strength.

    x t


  2. Hi Sally,
    I’m awed by the kaleidoscope of breathtaking landscapes you’re stepping through. Bearing these in mind and watching the scenes and (much smaller) adventures of my daily life in Europe, I can’t help but marvel at what a wondrous world we are all a part of.
    A thousand thanks for letting us follow along with you!


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