A Trip to The ER

Day 87,      Zero

I don’t count this as a zero as it wasn’t a great rest.  I have to take the Amtrak train from Fresno back north to Dunsmuir (to get me back to Castella at pct mile 1,499).  The train leaves at 8:30pm and arrives at 5:30am.   But, before I leave this city I have to visit a hospital.  On one of my many falls I sprained a finger.  I didn’t stop to take off my mom’s wedding band.  Now my finger is swollen and turning purple.

I took a cab to the hospital in the city core.  It was a rough part of town, a lot of homelessness  and substance abuse.  I walked into emergency.   At the entrance was a glass partition and two security guards with guns.  I put my pack on the counter and they examined it.  One of them pointed at my poles.  I explained where I’d come from and what I was doing.  They both then looked at me and smiled.  Next was the admitting guy, also behind glass.  I overheard someone say to a patient there was a 3-4 hour wait.  I could see 30 or more people in the waiting area.  I looked at my watch.  5:30, 3 hours till my train.  It’s going to be tight.  When it was my turn I held up my finger to the admitting clerk and asked if I could have my ring cut off.  I don’t need any first aid, I will be fine.  I told him I was hiking in the Sierras when I fell and got this injury.  He looked at me and smiled.  He waved over a busy nurse.   She looked at me and waved me over. She took me to a room.  Then there were two other fellows with us.  We were laughing and joking.  She cut the ring off with a small saw like tool.  One guy pried it apart with his hands while the other fellow looked on.  What a relief!  Thank-you!   I felt the blood flow back and the pressure relieved.  Then I walked passed the admitting clerk with a smile on my face and a thumbs up.  Smile and thumbs up to the security behind the glass.  Out on the street.  I was in and out in 10 minutes.  I feel like a celebrity.  I feel special.  I was treated so respectfully and with such kindness.

The overnight train went to Sacramento where I would have to change trains at midnight then onto the next train to Dunsmuir.  I dozed on and off.  Arrived at sleeping Dunsmuir at 5:30am.

2 thoughts on “A Trip to The ER

  1. Wow Sally what a great story..restores your faith for sure….what did they charge? Constantly amazed by your ongoing saga and beautiful pictures..you inspire us all. Hugs Don and Patti!


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