Nor Cal Blues

Day 88,     21.5 miles  (including 2 miles Bob’s Hat access trail)

Castle Crags on a sunny day. Photo courtesy of Blowout

Castle Crags         Shasta Trinity National Forest

My overnight train ride from Fresno arrived in Dunsmuir at 5am.   I quickly got a lift to Castella,  just a few miles down the Hwy to where the trail picks up again.  Finally I get to hike northbound again.  I picked up my resupply box from Amaritis Market that Paul sent.  I dilly dallied.  Breakfast burrito and the coffee tasted so good.  Along came Blowout.  Then Pig Tape.  Had a laugh.  Started hiking around 10am.  Found Chuck on the trail.  I haven’t seen him for almost two months.  He was already camped and it was only noon!  He didn’t want to hike in the rain.

Dreary, foggy, rainy hike.  Castle Crags looked spooky.  So quiet on the trail.  No other hikers after I saw Chuck.  Eerie in the fog.  I feel the “Nor Cal Blues.”  I’ve been spoiled with blue skies for weeks.

I’m camped alone.  It’s windy, damp and cold, but I’m cozy in my tent.

2 thoughts on “Nor Cal Blues

  1. Beautiful pictures. I guess it can be nice hiking alone, but when you get some of those views do you find yourself looking around for someone to say ohhhhhh do you see that!!!!!


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