The scenic route

Day 89,      35 miles

The dawn sun shone through the clouds onto my tent.  Although it didn’t take much time hiking this morning to be back into the fog.  It’s not like mountain mist.  I’m not near the ocean but the cold damp air feels like it.

The trail stayed high all day.  Peekaboo views of mount Shasta.  Also views of many lakes below the trail.  It felt like I was going in a big circle today.  I am certain I am hiking and looking south back at Castle Crags.  This trail takes the long scenic way to get to Canada.

I hadn’t meant to hike 35,  but here I am.

Tomorrow morning is a quick 4 mile hike to the Hwy.  I have to pop into Etna for more fuel and food.  Then it will be right back to the trail as quick as possible.

I am not going to vortex!   It is so easily done when there is coffee and toasted egg sandwiches…..double cheese burgers…milk shakes…beer…

Oh dear.

7 thoughts on “The scenic route

  1. Your journey is so inspiring and your shots incredible!! Are you using a separate camera or your phone? I am gearing up for next Spring 2017 and would greatly appreciate any advice on traveling/gear/health that you are experiencing. Hang in there Patty


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