Etna vortex 

Day 90,       4 miles

It’s not my fault.  The hardware store is closed.  It’s Sunday.  I can’t get fuel.  Ok?!

I am in town.  My hiker hunger has gone into overdrive.  I’m so hungry it’s stupid.

I am staying at the Hiker Hut hostel in Etna.  Etna is a hiker friendly mountain town. The hostel has loaner bikes to ride the two blocks into town.  It feels great to ride a bike. Different muscles I guess.  And I can move and get places faster.

The photo is of Bermuda Sheep.  The owners said they are bred for eating.  I bet they taste good.

I bought so much food for my next leg.  So much I can’t fit it in my pack.  Other hikers said it weighs more than 20 pounds.  I will be forced to hike less and eat more.

5 thoughts on “Etna vortex 

  1. Hahaha! So hungry you could eat a sheep!! Too funny Sally! Eat like you will never eat again. You are rockin it gal! Beautiful pictures and so happy you can share your journey with us. Only wish we could be there with you. Big hugs! xoxo! Michelle, Meghan and Steve


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