Slowed down by a heavy pack

Day 91,      19 miles

Trinity Alps Wilderness           Klamath National Forest

They said the scenery is spectacular.  They say it’s the best of the pct.  You’re going to be blown away.

I don’t see it.  Maybe I’ve been spoilt.  Maybe the great scenery is down the trail and I’ll experience it tomorrow.  Today was rough.   The trail was cluttered with branches and fallen trees as it went through the forest.  Other times it was very rocky and tough going.  There were some peekaboo views of past forest fires and some snow capped peaks.  That’s it.

I didn’t get a lift back to the trail till 10:30.  Late start.  A few minutes in and I met Kibbles!  Great to see him again.  Also Cheeseburger who I had not met before.   I hiked with Cheesburger for a while, but most of the day alone.

I use to think I was good at uphill climbs.  Since the Sierras I have no strength going uphill.  My legs feel heavy and weak.

It is 165 miles to Ashland.  I hope my running shoes will “hole’d out!”

I quit early today, 6pm.  Gives me time to eat some of this food so my pack won’t be so damn heavy.   A hiker should have 1 1/2 lbs to 2 lbs of dry food per day.  I hope to get to Ashland in 6 days, so that should be a total of 9 to 12 lbs of food.   This is the most food I’ve ever carried.  20+ lbs.  I am pretty sure I am going to eat all of this.

Cheesburger and Kibs are hiking another two miles before they camp.  I have a spot by South Fork Scott Creek to myself.

….or so I thought.

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