Oregon PCT Running Project

Day 96,       21 miles

Oregon PCT Running Project

Rogue River National Forest

This morning I heard a cheerful “whoop, whoop” warning behind me on the trail.  I turned to see three uber fit trail runners smiling as they came down the trail.  They all high five’d me and were obviously excited.  This morning is the start of their attempt to get the fastest time record for running all of the Oregon PCT.  A forth, also uber fit, runner/photographer came along.  Further down the trail waiting for the excited runners were a videographer and another guy with a drone filming the runners from the sky.   They are called the Oregon PCT Running Project.  I hope they are successful.  I will be watching their progress…maybe they have made it to the Washington border already!

It was a civilized hike into Calahan’s lodge, Ashland.  It seemed as though the trail had been swept clear of branches and debris.  There was trail magic on the top of a hill 10 miles before the Hwy to Ashland.  A cooler full of soda and two lawn chairs.  Pillowtalk and Rafiki were there enjoying the nice surprise.

Lots of day hikers.  I love day hikers.  They always give me treats.  Today a kind gentleman had some cherries he shared with me.

I arrived at Calahan’s Lodge in the late afternoon.  Ordered my free beer, pct hikers get the first one on the house.  Hamburger, fries, salad, another beer.  I’m always hungry.  I sat with Freight Train (Arash), and watched him down 4 beer and 2 full hamburger, fries, and salad meals.  The waitress thought there was a third person coming to sit with us when Freight Train ordered all that food. It seemed as though he inhaled it all.

I’m so happy.  I have made it to Oregon!  I’m in Ashland!

One thought on “Oregon PCT Running Project

  1. I am blown away by 2 things.Firstly your temendous courage and resilience.Secondly by the absolutely beautiful photo’s.You are an inspiration! GIllie Tx


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