Christi Spring to Crater Lake

Day 100,       36.5 miles

Rogue River National Forest

I woke at 4am.  It is 36.5 miles to Mazama Village, Crater Lake.  I’m motivated by food. There is a restaurant there.  Mmm.  Before I left camp I had to find my way down an overgrown trail in the dark to filter water at the spring.  It was still dark when I set out on the trail.   I stopped early for a bathroom break and somehow my seat pad got left behind.  I’ve been using it to pad by back and hip bones against my pack.

Again there is lots of blowouts messing up the trail.  Up, over, around, branches and fallen trees.  It’s a mess.  Sections of sharp rocks and lava.  This is really hard work. These miles are not the easy miles I had expected of Oregon.

My favourite part of today’s hike was atop a ridge where there was a drop off on each side.  It was pretty.

Lots of wildlife.  A baby mouse, tiny frogs on the trail, lots of birds.  I saw finches with red heads (I don’t know names of birds, any birders know?) there were dark grey birds that look just like our light grey Whiskey Jacks.  They have the same inquisitive friendly behaviour and familiar chirp.  Many  times in the last few days, I heard a loud whirling buzz above me.  Brightly coloured hummingbirds coming close to check me out.  They are so curious and bold.

It took me 13 1/2 hours to get to Mazama.  I was surprised how fast considering the rough trail.  Not much elevation gain throughout the day helps.   After I had a burger and a beer I met Rafiki and Pillowtalk.  They said, “You are fast.”  That made me feel good hearing that from them.  We made plans for tomorrow, to meet and camp 25 miles  north of Crater Lake   Tonight I am camped at the Mazama, Crater Lakes PCT site.  Free hot shower.  It was great.

My shoes are hilarious.  They have almost completely come apart.  I keep hiking on them.  They feel like old comfy slippers. I know I am truly a thru hiker.


4 thoughts on “Christi Spring to Crater Lake

  1. I was looking up information on the PCT and was very fortunate to come across your blog. It was like reading a good book, I couldn’t put it down 😀. I wish you all the best on your amazing adventure! Your perseverance is very inspiring!


  2. I believe he finches are male house finches. They have lovely red heads. The bird that looks like a grey jay/whiskey jack might be Clark’s Nutcracker.

    Miss you my friend. Keep em coming! We’ll have to throw one hell of a welcome home party for you.


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