More miles 

Day 102,      35.5 miles

Umpqua National Forest

The trail passed Thielsen Creek and Mount Thielsen in the morning.  Long, waterless stretches today.  Midday had to hike down to Six Horse Spring for water.  Evening hike was up and over a rocky pass beside Cowhorn Mountain.   On the other side of the pass I found a sandy tent site.  It was on a rocky cliff overlooking a lake 500 feet below.  Nice sunset.  Solitude.

I woke in the night.  The moon was so full and bright.   I took a picture of my tent.

5 thoughts on “More miles 

  1. Great camp spot..
    Great moon/tent shot.

    But a High point?
    Oregon has a high point?
    Don’t get all excited, coming up is the low point of the PCT,
    Cascade Locks, at 140 feet.

    But since your up over 5000 feet, means you are in high altitude, you should double your water intake, even if you are not thirsty..

    But alas You must be kidding.
    The sign says it….
    But come on..
    California has ALLLLLL THE HIGH POINTS. Starting at over 13,000 feet and then a whole lot of the PCT trail that is so high it becomes no big deal.

    Drink more water!!!
    Or better yet, just strap a pony keg on your back and celebrate all the way to Canada.


    1. Haha. Thx Vibe! You’re right, Oregon was more of a challenge for me than I thought it was going to be. I always like to be positive, soooo, my favourite part of Oregon is Jefferson Park. How’s that for being diplomatic?


    2. Surprisingly, that was the highest point of the PCT for all of Oregon and Washington. I would have thought it would have been in Washington too, but there you have it. Fact.


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