Pretty lakes and rocky peaks

Day 103,      24 miles

Diamond Peak Wilderness            Willamette National Forest

Last night I heard a noise.  I usually leave my shoes and socks just outside my tent to air at night.  The tent vestibule covers and keeps them dry.  I heard an obvious rustling of the plastic bag my shoes were on.  I banged my feet against the tent to shoo off whatever critter it was.  I went back to sleep and didn’t hear another peep.  This morning when I went to put my socks and shoes on…there was only one sock.  Dang!  I just bought those in Ashland.  A critter stole my sock in the night. I guess Smartwool is good nesting material.  I will have to hike in my sleep socks for now.

Today was a surprise.  This morning, from my sandy camp spot on the rock cliff, I could see down to the forest valley, to where the trail was going.  I was expecting another day of blow downs, mosquitoes, and lack of scenery.   Instead I hiked past pretty, alpine lakes and up to snowy, rocky peaks.

I arrived at Sheltered Cove on Odell Lake at 4 pm.  There is a campground store, showers, laundry, and other hikers.  We are all commiserating about the mosquitoes. This year must be especially bad.  Maybe because of the large amount of snow Oregon received this winter.  I showered and washed my clothes.  I feel human again.

I found out that I just missed Rafiki and Pillowtalk.  They left to hike the next 50 miles straight through, to get past the worst of the mosquito madness.

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