Stormy Lake

Day 104,      30.5 miles

Three Sisters Wilderness                Deschutes National Forest

Now this is the Oregon I had imagined.  The trail was an easy, soft brown path for the most part.   Miles flowed by.  I passed many alpine lakes.  Each with their own unique character.  Rosary Lake, Bobby Lake, Charlton Lake, Irish Lake , Brahma Lake, and finally, tiny Stormy Lake where I ended the day.

This morning I did some bonus miles as I’m prone to do.  Word around camp, at Shelter Cove, this morning was there was breakfast trail magic up the road by the train tracks. Long story short I missed the mark and had to back track.  It was worth it.  Pancakes and sausages from Trail Angels, Kim and Terry.

Omg!  The mosquitoes!  Ok, I know, I shouldn’t complain, but this is psychological torture!  Sooo bad.  They attack.  It doesn’t matter how fast one hikes.  They swarm.  I swat.  I spray Deet.  The only place I don’t use Deet, my face, they gang bombard.  Into my eyes, up my nose, into my mouth.  Phooey, I spit them out and they come right back at me.  Ok, enough said.  I’ve vented.

Stormy Lake is more like a calm pond.  It would be nice to even have a bit of breeze to cool down and blow away the mosquitoes.  I wore my rain gear and bug net while filtering water and I was still  swarmed and covered with mossies.  Calm Pond had a resident toad.

The photo of me filtering water was at a rare mosquito free lake around noon today.

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