So Mosquitoes 

Day 105,      29 miles

Three Sisters Wilderness           Willamette National Forest

More lakes
More long, green tunnel
More miles
So hot
So tired
So mosquitoes

The last 10 miles in the evening got better.  Just past Elk Lake junction the trail climbed gently up out of the forest.  Cooler and less mosquitoes, I hiked on.  The trail opened up to meadows and meandering, cold water creeks.  I set up my tent and lay down.  I was so beat.  Too tired to eat.  I dozed on and off till I fell asleep before dark.


Views of The Sisters
Broken Top Mountain
Mount Bachelor
Two fawns lept from the bushes and bounded across the trail in front of me
Mama grouse and her chick

Camped beside beautiful Mesa Creek, below The Sisters.

4 thoughts on “So Mosquitoes 

  1. Has your good weather run out?
    Maybe now… big rain and wind… all the way to Canada.
    But the rain may keep the flying bugs grounded.


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